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Dr. Rony Greemberg

Clinical Allergy and Immunology for Pediatrics & Adults

Dr. Greemberg is an allergist and immunologist who views the practice of medicine as a great puzzle to be solved for each individual patient. He enjoys treating adult and child patients and is fluent in both English and French. Dr. Greemberg also sees New Brunswick patients on Maple through the allergy and immunology specialty.

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We asked Dr. Greemberg some questions

Can you tell us more about your medical background and education?

I originally pursued medicine thanks to my best friend, who suggested I follow his footsteps. I graduated from McGill University, where I completed an Interdepartmental Honours program in Immunology and received a bachelor of science degree, followed by medical school at the University of Montreal. I received the opportunity to do an elective in pediatric immunology at Sainte-Justine Hospital, which truly captivated me. Following my paediatrics residency in New York, I returned to Sainte-Justine Hospital and completed my fellowship in allergy and clinical immunology. I completed my final training placement in immunodeficiency at the Hospital for Sick Children.

What inspired you to become a doctor?

I can’t really pinpoint the exact inspiration, but I had a strong feeling that becoming a physician was the right thing to do. I realized early on that it would be a long road. The more I met with other physicians, learned from them, and saw the positive impact that they have on people’s lives, the more I wished to be in a similar position. I truly feel blessed to have met great mentors who have taught me so much. More importantly, they were able to instill a passion for patient care.

What do you love the most about practising medicine?

Practicing medicine, especially in the field of allergy and immunology, is like solving a puzzle made of many pieces that are uniquely connected in each and every one of us.

Receiving a proper diagnosis and treatment plan for an allergy or immunologic disorder is a life changing moment for many people. The process is sometimes very complex, and can be especially stressful for parents who are worried about their young children.

As an allergist and immunologist, I’m in a unique position to help diagnose, treat, and fine-tune individual treatment plans. Caring for my patients makes practising medicine an unbelievable experience. I look forward to treating adults and children of all ages, and offering services in both English and French.

What’s your favourite part about practising on Maple?

I feel that Maple answers one of the major challenges of our time — connecting patients and physicians. This is true now more than ever, as social isolation forces us to rethink how to offer safe and accessible medical care.

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The most efficient and professional service ever. In less than an hour I was paired with a dermatologist who prescribed the medication required. A thorough consult and knowledgeable MD who made everything easy. My pharmacy had the prescription faxed in no time. I definitely see myself using the service in the future.

— Sheila R.

This was the best thing i've ever come across. I downloaded the app and one hour later had completed an appointment with a dermatologist who then faxed over 2 prescriptions to my pharmacy. I have been dealing with a terrible rash on my face since March with no hope in sight of getting into a dermatologist. When I found this app I was skeptical, but can honestly say it has saved my face, I am already seeing an improvement after 1 week.

— Carly H.

Possibly the easiest way to meet a Dermatologist!

— Abdullah

After getting a referral from our family doctor to see a dermatologist we were still waiting after 5 months. In frustration, I turned to the internet to look for options and stumbled across GetMaple. Wow…..saw the dermatologist within 24h and everything since has been very smooth.

— Dave T.

Loved that I could speak to a doctor within 24hours. The dermatologist was quick, knowledgeable and listened to my concerns! Will definitely be using again!

— Jessica N.

Within 4 hours, I was connected to a dermatologist in Toronto who quickly diagnosed and prescribed a combination treatment. My prescription was ready within one hour for pickup.

— DB

The whole experience has been so quick and easy! I was told it would be 9+ months to see a dermatologist in person. With this service, I was able to speak with one in less than 24hrs and I already have been sent the prescription I need.

— Emma S.

We followed their sleep advice yesterday and our baby Dia had a good night's sleep for the first time in weeks.

— Anna

I've been watching Koble sessions while I pump at night. It makes pumping way better.

— Andrea

The best part of Koble for my partner and I was to connect with their sleep coach expert Aidan and her personalized advice was great! Now our baby sleeps much better, as do we!

— Regina

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