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Get an online doctor consultation in minutes

Connect with doctors online 24/7 and get a diagnosis or prescription in minutes — 91% of medical issues are fully resolved after one visit. With over 350,000 reviews, Canadians coast to coast continue to trust Maple.

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Requesting an online doctor consultation on Maple is easy

First, describe your symptoms

Log in to Maple and click "Get care". Simply enter your symptoms or a description of your medical request.

The app matches you with the next available doctor or nurse practitioner, or you can schedule an appointment with a specialist at a time that’s convenient for you. If you choose to see a provider right away, you'll hear from them in less than five minutes.

If you don’t have employer or insurer coverage, fees may apply since many virtual services aren’t covered by provincial health plans. If payment is required, online doctor consultations start at $69.

Next, you'll hear from the doctor

Once the doctor reviews your request, they’ll determine whether they can help you on Maple. If they're able to help, your online doctor consultation will start right away and you'll speak directly with a doctor or nurse practitioner over text. The provider may also request an audio or video chat if it’ll help with your diagnosis.

If the doctor can’t help, your consultation won’t start and you won’t be charged. The doctor will advise if you need to visit a family practice or walk-in clinic instead.

Get advice, a diagnosis, and treatment online

You'll receive any prescriptions or online doctor’s notes right on Maple. Prescriptions can be sent to your pharmacy of choice for pickup or you can have them delivered to your door for free.

Please note: Maple is not a pharmaceutical manufacturer, nor are we an online pharmacy. This means you'll need to buy your medication from the pharmacy once you have your prescription.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can online doctors treat?

Maple’s Canadian-licensed doctors and nurse practitioners can treat many conditions online including bladder infections, UTIs, colds, flu, eye infections, sexual health issues including ED, vomiting, diarrhea, skin issues, and more. They can also provide prescriptions on Maple as needed.

Do online doctors accept insurance?

Our online doctor consultations and memberships are covered under many existing private healthcare plans, including Healthcare Spending Accounts. Check with your insurance provider to find out more.

Do online doctors work?

Yes! Our doctors and nurse practitioners are able to treat many conditions online, allowing you to save travel time and skip the waiting room. And as Canada’s leading virtual care platform, you can be sure you’ll always be speaking with reputable, Canadian-licensed healthcare providers.

What is virtual care?

Virtual care, also known as telemedicine, is the delivery of medical services over the internet or phone. It’s any situation in which you communicate with a healthcare provider remotely, rather than in person. Maple offers telemedicine in Canada to patients coast-to-coast.

How does virtual care work?

Virtual care connects patients to healthcare providers online via text, audio, or video. Online doctor consultations work just like in-person appointments with a family doctor or specialist. Doctors can examine areas of concern visually and ask questions about your symptoms and health history to determine your diagnosis and the best treatment plan. You can also ask a doctor questions online during your consultation.

Maple is a virtual care platform. Through Maple, you can see a doctor online via text, audio, or video, receive a diagnosis, and prescriptions. Prescriptions can be sent to the pharmacy of your choice or delivered to your door.

What kinds of specialties does Maple offer?

Maple offers access to over 25 specialties, including dermatology, mole mapping, endocrinology, mental health therapy, psychotherapy, general health assessments, and much more. While you’d typically have to wait months to see a specialist in person, there’s no waitlist or referral needed to speak with many of our Canadian-licensed specialists.

See a doctor online and get medical advice today

Connect with a doctor online for a consultation, diagnosis, treatment plan, online doctor’s note, and more, and enjoy on-demand healthcare that fits your life.

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