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Care systems

Technology solutions to enable the coordination and delivery of virtual care at a systems level.

Power your care systems with Maple

Flexible care model

We help you build and implement a flexible care model that allows providers to deliver consistent care. Our virtual platform maximizes flexibility, reduces wait times, and enables a wide range of interconnected services across multiple locations.

Coordination across the continuum of care

Our technology facilitates coordination between care entities by connecting different groups, facilities, services, and providers, including primary care, mental health, LTC, specialty, and beyond.

Quality virtual care integrated into your workflows

We design custom programs with you to ensure our technology meets the unique needs of your care model. We inform and help develop clinical processes and can provide program management, training, and support at every level.

Tap into our network of providers to help cover gaps

You can tap into our online network of doctors and care providers to augment your staff, provide coverage after hours, or give unattached patients access to care until they can be matched with a family doctor.

Our virtual care program components

Multi-platform access

Maple can be accessed across smartphones, tablets, and computers, making it easy for patients and providers to use on a daily basis.

Text, talk, or video chat

Patients and providers can interact on their own terms through omni-channel communications, including secure text messaging, audio, and video calls.


Robust platform customization features and strong program design expertise to facilitate personalized implementations and use cases.

Security and privacy

All data on Maple is encrypted both at rest and in transit. Our platform complies with both federal and provincial legislation standards for accessing, sharing, and protecting personal health information.

Clinical program management

Including implementation, training, and workflows adapted to your needs.

Provider-to-provider messaging

Allows for secure private messaging between healthcare providers.

Integrated care model

Our platform can be used by different types of providers in different locations, all providing care to the same patient.

Tap into our provider network

Options to augment your hospital’s medical teams.

Our impact on healthcare

of avoided ED visits, saving the healthcare system millions.

satisfaction score of patients using the Maple program.

of PEI patients without a family doctor who used our program have now been rostered.

Canadians supported by partnership programs in PEI, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

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