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Frequently asked questions

What is Maple? How does it work?

Simply tap a button to request a consultation, and we’ll immediately connect you to a doctor via live chat or video.

Maple is available everywhere in Canada, except the Northwest Territories — if you are a Canadian resident, or visiting Canada, you are able to use the service.

Do I have to pay to use Maple?

It’s free to sign up and create an account on Maple. There is only a fee when you need to see a doctor.

Click here to review all pricing options.

How is payment taken?

Whenever you request a consultation through Maple, we’ll first advise you of the visit cost prior to connecting you with a physician. You will not be charged until your consultation is complete.

In the event a physician receives your request and finds it not suitable for treatment on Maple, or if it is a medical emergency, we’ll notify you right away, and your credit card will not be charged.

For membership or credit package purchases, your credit card will be charged immediately.

Can I use my health insurance for payment?

Our online medical consultations and memberships are covered under many existing private healthcare plans including Healthcare Spending Accounts. 

If you have Sun Life coverage, you may qualify for exclusive discounts. Check out our customer support portal to learn more.

What conditions can doctors diagnose and treat on Maple?

Maple doctors can treat many conditions online including bladder infections, UTIs, cold & flu, eye infections, sexual health issues including ED, vomiting, diarrhea, skin issues and more.

How do I get a prescription on Maple?

Our physicians can prescribe medications online during your consultation.

Once you accept a prescription, you’ll have the option to pick it up from any pharmacy or we’ll deliver it right to your door at no additional cost.

Is there a limit to what doctors can do on Maple?
  • Maple is not intended for medical emergencies. If you believe you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room.
  • If you require narcotics or controlled medications, our physicians cannot legally prescribe these on Maple.
  • Our physicians do not complete Workplace Safety and Insurance Board forms (WSIB) or other types of specialized disability forms, since these require a hands-on examination.
  • At this time, our physicians are not able to provide specialist referrals and order tests. Referring physicians must follow up on all patients referrals and test results, and since Maple is an on-demand service, our physicians are not able to form an ongoing relationship to provide follow up care.
Is Maple safe?

Yes. Think of Maple as the connecting platform between you & doctors.

Just like an in person or telephone visit, the doctor is responsible for understanding your medical history, asking you questions about your symptoms, and providing treatment accordingly.

If the doctor is not able to help on Maple, they will let you know to visit a clinic or a hospital instead (e.g. if you require testing).

Can I request a specific doctor on Maple?

Not at this time. Because our promise is to connect you with a physician in minutes, our on-demand service selects the next available physician to start your consultation as quickly as possible.

Is my health information private on Maple?

Each consultation through Maple is completely private and safe, and always delivered by a Canadian licensed physician who is required to maintain your confidentiality, just as they would in their office. You have full control and ownership over your personal health information at all times, and only you decide how you want to share it. Our Privacy Policy describes our commitment to protecting your privacy, and we encourage you to read it in detail.

Is there a system in place for emergencies?

If you are experiencing an emergency during your consultation, the attending physician will call 911 on your behalf and may contact the emergency contact on your profile, if one has been added.

Who can use the Maple global service?

Click here to learn more.

Are Maple doctors qualified?

Yes. Maple doctors are Canadian licensed physicians who are experts in the medical field. They practice family and emergency medicine in Canada. Each physician is passionate about delivering outstanding healthcare, and serving the community in new and innovative ways.

Can Maple doctors speak my language?

Since all of our doctors are Canadian, your consultation will be in English. Some doctors can also communicate in French or in other languages, however any languages outside of English are not guaranteed.

Can my medical plan cover Maple visits?

Currently, Maple has no association with medical insurance coverage companies outside of Canada.

How do I see a Maple doctor?
  • Simply log in to Maple to request a 15 minute advice consultation with a physician
  • Describe your medical question
  • You’ll be connected with a physician in minutes via live chat or video — we’ll send you a notification as soon as the physician is ready to see you
  • After 15 minutes, your advice session with your physician will come to an end

What device can I use to see a Maple doctor?

You can see a Maple doctor on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

What should I not use Maple for?
  • Maple is not intended for medical emergencies. If you believe you are experiencing an emergency, please proceed to your nearest emergency room.
  • If you require diagnosis, prescriptions, a sick note, or lab work, our physicians cannot legally assist you with with these requests on Maple, as you are outside of Canada.
What type of advice can I ask Maple doctors for?

Our physicians are able to provide advice for many types of medical conditions: abrasions, acne, allergies, bacterial vaginosis, bites and stings, body aches, bronchitis, bruises, cough, dehydration, diarrhea, earache, erectile dysfunction, fever, flu, frostbite, headaches and migraines, hives, insomnia, itchy eyes, lice, medication refills, mild lacerations, nasal congestion, nausea, pinkeye, respiratory infections, sexually transmitted infections, sinus infections, skin infections, sore throat, sprains and strains, travel medications, urinary tract infections, vomiting, yeast infections, and many more.

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