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Maple Corporation Privacy Policy


Maple Corporation (“Maple”, “we”, “us”) offers two kinds of services: Healthcare Services and optional Wellness Services. When you register with Maple as a User, you become eligible to use our Healthcare Services. You also become eligible to sign up separately for one or more of our Wellness Services, should you wish to.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. It describes how Maple will collect, use, store, disclose and protect your information in relation to our Healthcare Services and our Wellness Services.

The following provides the meaning of certain terms used in this Policy. If not defined below, the capitalized words and phrases in this Policy have the same meaning as in Maple’s Terms of Use. 

Maple Platform” means, collectively, the hardware, software, applications, websites, Content, products and services owned and/or operated by us to enable the provision of remote Healthcare Services to Users, among other purposes. 

Information” means, collectively, “Personal Information” (information about an identifiable User as further defined in Applicable Law) and “Personal Health Information” or “PHI” (information about an identifiable User’s health or healthcare as further defined in Applicable Law). 

A “User” is an individual registered to use the Maple Platform, including, unless otherwise specified, as part of a customized program provided by a third party. A “PCH User” is a User also registered to use Loblaw’s PC Health application. Unless we make a distinction, “Users” means all Users. 

Health professionals (“Authorized Providers”) are, collectively, “Authorized Physicians” (physicians registered to practice medicine in a province or territory of Canada) and “Authorized Non-Physician Providers” (regulated health professionals other than physicians registered to practice in a province or territory of Canada) who are registered to use the Maple Platform to provide “Healthcare Services” within their scope of practice      to Users. An Authorized Provider provides Healthcare Services through a “Consultation,” which includes a review by the Authorized Provider to determine if the Healthcare Services requested by the Users are ones that can be provided on the Maple Platform. 

Applicable Law,” in relation to Maple, Authorized Providers, or Users, means the laws and regulations, including privacy laws and regulations, to which each is subject. 

Content” means general information about health-related topics posted on the Maple Platform, access to which is not the delivery of Healthcare Services and does not replace and cannot be relied upon as Healthcare Services.