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Get a clear picture of your skin.

Everyone can benefit from skin screening, especially those with certain risk factors. Get an enhanced mole mapping using the FotoFinder Automated Total Body Mapping (ATBM) Master. Mole scanning can help identify skin cancers such as melanoma early and facilitate prevention, reducing the need for biopsies.

We offer this service in Toronto, Ontario. Please note that this service requires an in-person clinic visit.

Wondering about a suspicious mole?
Get the answers you need.

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Book an appointment

No referral needed. Just log into your Maple account and book an appointment from the list of available specialties. Initial mole mapping appointments are $550, and include a full body mole scan.

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Full-body scan

You’ll be asked to change into a paper gown. Then, you’ll stand in front of the FotoFinder scanning machine. You’ll be approximately eight feet away from the operating technician. During the scan, the FotoFinder ATBM Master takes high-resolution pictures of all uncovered areas of your body.

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Skin assessment

Photographs are reviewed by a certified dermatologist. You’ll receive a report on your Maple account with the results of your scan.

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Plan any necessary follow-up

If any lesions are flagged as abnormal, you’ll be notified and receive advice for further treatment.

Mole mapping saves lives

Melanoma is the deadliest type of skin cancer. It’s most commonly found on your back or legs, but it can appear on any skin surface. With early detection, melanoma has a cure rate of over 95%.

With the FotoFinder ATBM Master, technicians look closely at images to inspect moles and lesions on your body. The FotoFinder also incorporates artificial intelligence to detect any skin abnormalities that should be checked by an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the screening performed by doctors?

The scans are carried out by experienced technicians who are highly trained in operating the ATBM Master.

What is the FotoFinder ATBM Master?

The FotoFinder ATBM Master is a full-body scanner that takes high resolution, polarized pictures of your whole body. Technicians can zoom into these pictures to see every detail of a skin lesion.

The FotoFinder also creates a database of your moles so changes to your skin between visits can be flagged. The system’s artificial intelligence identifies suspicious lesions, and compares new moles and lesions to photographs from your previous scans.

This ATBM Master is one of only three machines in Canada. That means you’ll be scanned by the most cutting-edge, reliable technology currently available.

Who should receive skin cancer screening?

Anyone can benefit from annual skin cancer screening, particularly those with risk factors.

Certain individuals are at higher risk of developing skin cancers such as melanoma, so early detection of melanoma is key. Risk factors for skin cancer include:

  • Age between 35-75
  • Light skin
  • Blonde or red hair
  • Having more than 50 moles
  • Having large moles, greater than two inches in diameter
  • Noticing new moles, or that your moles are changing in size or shape
  • Family or personal history of skin cancer
  • Having severe sun damage in the past
  • History of tanning bed use

If you are worried about a mole, use the ABCDE method to determine if it needs to be examined by a doctor.

A — asymmetry
B — irregular or uneven borders
C — dark in colour
D — large in diameter, over a quarter inch
E — evolving over time

If your mole displays any of the above characteristics, it’s a good idea to see a dermatologist or have mole scan completed.

Are there exceptions for the FotoFinder?

Yes. Mole mapping, also referred to as dermal scanning or mole scanning, is not recommended for patients under six years old as they are still growing and imaging may be unreliable.

The FotoFinder can only take pictures of non-covered areas of the body. For example, body parts underneath your undergarments would not be photographed. These areas can be photographed with hand-held camera attachments if you wish for moles or lesions in these areas to be scanned.

Patients with physical disabilities may be scanned using a portable, handheld camera.

Will the scan be performed by an onsite dermatologist?

Scans are performed by experienced technicians. A report with a dermatologist’s findings will be uploaded to your Maple account afterwards.

What if I need to cancel my mole mapping appointment?

You can cancel your appointment through the Maple platform. If you need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours before your appointment time. Cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment will be charged 25% of the full appointment fee.

Get peace of mind about your skin.

Take care of your skin’s future with mole scanning and early detection of skin cancers such as melanoma.