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You’re minutes away from seeing an online doctor in Ontario

No more walk-in clinics, waiting rooms, or time off work — get direct access to experienced online doctors and nurse practitioners in Ontario, ready to give you and your family on-demand care at any time of day.

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Why choose virtual care?

Finding the right medical care isn’t always easy, but choosing Maple can make those moments a little less stressful. Here’s how:

Less waiting: No more hours at a walk-in, or waiting weeks for appointments. With Maple, an online doctor or nurse practitioner will see you quickly and can fill your prescriptions* online too.

More convenience: Chat with an online doctor or nurse practitioner through message or video call, so you can get virtual care from wherever you are 24/7.

Trusted expertise: All our Ontario healthcare professionals are licensed and in Canada and ready to treat minor ailments to chronic pain.


A hand-picked network of doctors and specialists ready to help you.

Our physicians, nurse practitioners, and allied healthcare professionals are Canadian licensed and practice in their respective fields right here in Canada.

Treatable conditions

Mental health

Our doctors are available to provide advice and treatment for common mental health conditions.

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Women’s/men’s health

Doctors can advise on family planning and treat conditions, including urinary tract infections and erectile dysfunction.

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How it works


Describe your symptoms

Open the app and click the “Get care” button. One of our healthcare providers will review your request and respond in minutes.


Chat with a doctor or nurse practitioner

Next, you'll be connected to the healthcare provider. Consultations usually take place over secure text message, but the doctor may request video, or audio chat if needed.


Get a diagnosis or prescription

Doctors and nurse practitioners can diagnose and provide prescriptions as necessary during your consultation.

Easy pricing. Instant care.

Pay when you see the doctor or sign up for a membership for more coverage.

Pay per visit

See a Canadian-licensed general practitioner in five minutes or less, any time 24/7.

Starting at


per visit


Get 30 visits per year with a GP for you and your family.



per month (paid annually)

Get virtual care anytime, anywhere

As a Maple member, enjoy on-demand 24/7 virtual care

  • Get an $80 credit toward a specialty visit of your choice. As a Maple member, you get exclusive access to specialty care, including mental health, dermatology and paediatric primary care.
  • Receive prescriptions, sick notes, lab work and specialist referrals.
  • Personalize your healthcare experience and own your medical records and test results

Maple membership


per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Maple?

Maple is the trusted online doctor resource providing convenient 24/7 virtual care. Talk to Canadian-licensed primary care providers, like doctors, nurse practitioners, and specialists within minutes by phone, video, or text and get your common health issued address quickly and easily with free prescription delivery. Treat concerns like cold and flu symptoms, allergies, skin rashes, and more, and know you are always getting an online doctor appointment with a high level of care.

How long are wait times to see a doctor in Ontario on Maple?

Wait times to see an online doctor in Ontario on Maple are usually a few minutes. Compare that to waiting 4.4 hours at Toronto General Hospital. We offer access to virtual doctors and nurse practitioners 24 hours a day in Ontario.

Simply log into Maple, hit "Get care", list your symptoms, and get connected with a Canadian-licensed virtual doctor or primary care provider in no time.

Looking for an online pharmacy in Ontario? Our online doctors can fill prescriptions, which can be sent directly to your local pharmacy or delivered for free to your home address.

Can I use Maple outside of Ontario?

Yes, you can access a virtual doctor or nurse practitioner through Maple no matter what Canadian province you are in, you’ll just need to update and confirm your location in the app before you get care. If you want to use your health card, you’ll need one for the province you’re seeking virtual care in. If you're not in Ontario right now, you can find more info relevant to the province you're in here.

If you're travelling outside Canada and need care, you can speak with one of our healthcare professionals, but we can't provide a prescription unless you are within Canada.

What happens when I request care with a General Practitioner in the app?

Once you request virtual care within the app, you will need to let us know who in your family needs care and where you're located. Then, choose the type of healthcare provider you'd like to see (select GP for most common issues), purchase your membership to get access to all the member benefits, then update your health profile and tell us about the symptoms you or your family member is experiencing. One of our providers may ask you a few additional questions to get a better idea of your concerns. You'll then need to verify your identity with a health card or any government issued ID so we can connect you to a virtual doctor or nurse practitioner. Virtual appointments are generally done over text, but sometimes a video call might be necessary to diagnose you and provide a prescription.

Remember, if you need to see a specialist covered by OHIP, you must hold a valid health card and a referral letter from your family doctor or a general practitioner.

Why is virtual care important in Ontario?

Whether you're in Toronto, Peterborough, or Ottawa, virtual care is particularly important in Ontario because it’s a large province with lots of remote areas. It can sometimes be difficult to see a family doctor or get urgent care if there’s a shortage of hospitals or clinics nearby. On the other hand, in the cities, wait times for emergency departments and walk-in clinics can be hours. With Maple, you can get an online doctor appointment in Ontario quickly and easily, so it's less time wasted with peace of mind you’re getting a high level of service.

What health plans are available in Ontario?

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan, better known as OHIP, is a government-run health insurance plan for Canadian citizens residing in Ontario. OHIP-covered services are available on Maple for gynecology, allergies and clinical immunology, and HIV risk and prevention. For gynecology and allergy and clinical immunology, you’ll need to show a valid referral letter and Ontario health card before your appointment. For HIV risk and prevention, you’ll need to show a valid Ontario health card. Please see our specialties page for more information.

While Maple in some cases is not covered by OHIP due to our use of secure messaging and a national network of doctors and nurse practitioners, we are covered by many private insurance plans.

Can I get a prescription online in Ontario?

Yes you can. Our Maple doctors can provide a prescription and fill it online for Ontario residents, however prescriptions are given at the providers discretion and we do not prescribe narcotics. With Maple membership you can get online prescriptions and refills delivered right to your door, from Huntsville to Hamilton and beyond. So that means skipping the wait at your family doctor's office, and at the drugstore.

What specialists can I see with Maple in Ontario?

One of the many benefits of seeing a specialist on Maple is that you can get an appointment with a doctor in less than 72 hours. This includes online doctor consultations in Ontario with specialists like dermatologists, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, mental health therapists, and more.

For many services, you don’t need a referral to schedule an appointment and you’ll typically connect with the provider over secure text messaging. For those specialist visits covered by OHIP, you must hold a valid health card and a referral letter from your family doctor or a general practitioner. In these cases, your visit will occur by phone or video. Our doctors are accepting new patients in Ontario.

Can online doctors provide me with online prescriptions and sick notes in Ontario?

Yes, you can get a prescription online or request a sick note during your virtual doctor appointment in Ontario.

To get a prescription online in Ontario with Maple, simply fill out a short form about the prescription you need. You can either see a doctor in minutes or schedule an appointment with a specialist. Doctors and nurse practitioners can provide prescriptions for most medications at their discretion.

Please note that online doctors in Ontario can’t provide prescriptions for narcotics or opiates. The doctor or nurse practitioner will let you know if you need to visit a family practice or walk-in clinic in Ontario instead.

To get an online doctor’s note in Ontario, you will need to provide your personal health information, like your symptoms and details of your request in the notes section. You can either see a doctor in minutes or schedule an appointment with a specialist. Doctors can provide medical notes for work, school, or short absences at their discretion. You’ll get a digital copy of the sick note with the doctor’s signature and contact information.

Does OHIP cover online doctor visits?

Maple does offer certain online medical appointments in Ontario that are covered by OHIP. This includes gynecology, allergies and clinical immunology, and HIV risk and prevention. Please see our specialties page for more information.

How do I see a specialist in Ontario without a referral?

With Maple, no referral is needed to see most of our specialists. All you need to do is click “Get care”, select the specialist you’re looking for, and book a virtual doctor’s appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.

How do I get a referral to see a specialist in Ontario?

You’ll need to see your family doctor or a general practitioner to get a referral for a specialist in Ontario. While most of our specialists don’t require a referral, you do need one to see an OHIP-covered gynecologist or allergist on Maple. Once received, you’ll upload your referral letter to your Maple account. You’ll also need to show a valid Ontario health card before your appointment with the gynecologist or allergist.

I searched "online doctor Ontario" and landed here. Is this the best option?

With health-care providers that are all Canadian-licensed, Maple provides same level of service you would get from a regular appointment with a doctor or nurse practitioner, with the added benefit of having access to specialists online too. Lots of our returning patients started out searching "online doctor Ontario" and now use Maple for the majority of their families healthcare needs.

Speak to a doctor online in Ontario

Get an online consultation with a Canadian-licensed doctor accepting new patients. See a doctor online in Ontario with Maple today.

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