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If you have any questions regarding Maple’s use of these subprocessors, or the contractual and technical protections in place, please contact

Third Party Service Provider Purpose Information Shared by Maple Processing Location
Amazon Web Services Datacentre Services All Maple user data is processed and stored in AWS Canada
Dr. Bill Health Card Verification and Provider Billing Name, health card number, date of birth, and consult information Canada
Intercom Customer Support Platform and Email Delivery Services Name, email address, phone number, and information about your use of Maple, such as the number of consultations completed. Intercom will also process and store any communications with Maple Customer Support. United States
MailChimp Marketing Automation and Email Delivery Name and email address United States
Mailgun Email Delivery Services Name and email address United States
Mixpanel Product Analytics Email address United States
Salesforce Customer relationship management (CRM) software for Maple's business development Business names and contact email addresses for partners United States
SRFax Fax Services Name, phone number, certain PHI elements (such as prescriptions) Canada
Stripe Payment Card Processing Name and email address. Stripe may collect the name and payment card information directly from Maple users. United States
Twilio Fax and SMS messaging For SMS Messages
Phone Number
For Faxes
Name, phone number, certain PHI elements (such as prescriptions). All fax data is deleted after 24 hours.
United States