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February 24, 2021 • read

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Flare & Maple — Dr. Brett’s tips for managing anxiety during COVID-19

Now that we’re coming up on one year of quarantine, Canadians seem to be hitting the collective mental wall. This rare situation of long-term stress has worn us down. It’s caused many people to withdraw socially, and instead keep their feelings to themselves. 

These are dangerous circumstances for anyone struggling with anxiety. The majority of Canadians report that their mental health has worsened over the course of 2020. Worse, mental healthcare options have changed due to quarantine. Your local therapist’s office might be closed, or operating on reduced hours. 

Our co-founder and CEO Dr. Brett sat down with Flare magazine to dispense his top tips for identifying and managing stress and anxiety during COVID-19. Plus, Dr. Brett gives some options for how to keep your mental health at an even keel even in this new, unpredictable normal. 

It’s understandable that stress and anxiety have mounted. In fact, it’s a good thing to embrace our feelings of nervousness and uncertainty so we can process them in a healthy way. This includes keeping up good health habits to support our overall well-being, and reaching out for professional mental health support. Virtual therapy is a great option if you want to stay safe and comfortable at home while getting heavy topics off your chest. Our registered psychotherapists are here for you when you’re ready to talk. 

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