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Three benefits to online therapy

January 29, 2020 • read

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Three benefits to online therapy

By Angela Allen of Shift Collab

As stigma around mental health decreases, more and more people are seeking out options for treatment and healing that suit their unique lives.

For many, the journey towards healing includes psychotherapy. If you’ve already got a full schedule, however, therapy can be hard to find time for.

In my work as an online therapist, I’ve witnessed firsthand the effective and transformative possibilities of online therapy.

If you’re thinking of giving it a try, here are 3 key benefits to consider:

1. Location, Location, Location

One of the key advantages to accessing care virtually is that you are able to receive therapy from the comfort of your home. For many people, getting to an appointment can be a major obstacle and virtual therapy is one simple way to eliminate this barrier. Plus, it comes with perks—staying home means you can wear pretty much whatever you want! Staying cosy in your house clothes or PJs on snowy winter days can be particularly comforting.

2. Fewer Barriers to Access

Seeking care online can give you access to therapists whose specific areas of expertise you may not be able to find close to home. Meanwhile, innovations like Maple’s online therapy app, for example, are making wait times a thing of the past.

3. Hours of Availability

A clinic’s hours of operation can make it difficult to access in-person therapy if you work a day job. Online therapy offers more options, with availability often extending well into the evening. Not having to travel to your virtual appointment also saves you time. It might even mean you can fit therapy neatly into your schedule, i.e. over lunch break or before work. You’ll have more time for yourself or your family.

Talk to a therapist online.

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