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The new way forward.

For workplaces that demand quality.

After a year of change, it's time to rethink how we access care. Maple puts quality first, helping teams conquer new challenges feeling healthy, valued, and empowered.

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Why Maple?

Maple connects patients with doctors in under five minutes. We have Canada’s largest network of online healthcare providers, including physicians, specialists, and mental health therapists. With Maple, teams get quality care for every aspect of their holistic health.

See how Maple can help your team.

Virtual care has exploded in popularity since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, helping expand access to care for patients. Get in touch to discover how Maple works, and how we can help achieve your organization’s goals.

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The need for
virtual care.

Virtual care adoption grew tremendously in 2020 due to the convenience and efficacy of seeing a doctor online.

  • More than 70% of primary doctor’s visits were conducted virtually in Ontario between March - July, 2020.
  • 91% of patients were satisfied with their virtual care visit.
  • 57% of physicians now have more favourable views of virtual care.
  • 64% of healthcare providers feel more comfortable using virtual care than before COVID-19.

Companies that have embraced the new way forward.

Virtual care is an essential benefit in the new Canadian landscape. Our partners have seen amazing results, whether that’s improving workplace culture or being first-to-market with a superior insurance offering.

"We invested in this important new benefit because we believe that it will truly be of value to our associates and their families.”

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The ultimate guide to virtual care.

Read about the current virtual care landscape, why it matters for employers, and how to improve healthcare accessibility in the workplace.

Patients love using Maple.

91% of recent virtual care patients say they were happy with the experience. As for us, Maple has over 100,000 five-star patient reviews.

A fantastic way to get medical advice when you are unable to see someone in person. The app is so simple to use. Highly recommend. I am not a tech savvy person but the doctor was kind enough to patiently walk me through every step of the process. Thank you.

— Google Play Store

This app is amazing! The doctor was so professional. I just waited 1-2 mins to get served! I highly recommend this app.

— Google Play Store

The most efficient and professional service ever. In less than an hour I was paired with a dermatologist who prescribed the medication required. A thorough consult and knowledgeable MD who made everything easy. My pharmacy had the prescription faxed in no time. I definitely see myself using the service in the future.

— Sheila R.

This was the best thing i've ever come across. I downloaded the app and one hour later had completed an appointment with a dermatologist who then faxed over 2 prescriptions to my pharmacy. I have been dealing with a terrible rash on my face since March with no hope in sight of getting into a dermatologist. When I found this app I was skeptical, but can honestly say it has saved my face, I am already seeing an improvement after 1 week.

— Carly H.

Possibly the easiest way to meet a Dermatologist!

— Abdullah

After getting a referral from our family doctor to see a dermatologist we were still waiting after 5 months. In frustration, I turned to the internet to look for options and stumbled across GetMaple. Wow…..saw the dermatologist within 24h and everything since has been very smooth.

— Dave T.

Loved that I could speak to a doctor within 24hours. The dermatologist was quick, knowledgeable and listened to my concerns! Will definitely be using again!

— Jessica N.

Within 4 hours, I was connected to a dermatologist in Toronto who quickly diagnosed and prescribed a combination treatment. My prescription was ready within one hour for pickup.

— DB

The whole experience has been so quick and easy! I was told it would be 9+ months to see a dermatologist in person. With this service, I was able to speak with one in less than 24hrs and I already have been sent the prescription I need.

— Emma S.

We followed their sleep advice yesterday and our baby Dia had a good night's sleep for the first time in weeks.

— Anna
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Our pillars of quality.

Maple truly reinvents the typical experience of seeing a healthcare provider. Here’s how we create a patient experience based on quality:

  • Doctor-led model for fast access to care.
  • Patient-centric, easy-to-use platform.
  • Healthcare navigation services.
  • Whole-person care, supporting mental and physical health.
  • Continuity of care through shareable patient records.
  • Seamless integration and dedicated account management.
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Demand quality from your virtual care provider.

The new way forward means embracing technology for improved healthcare accessibility, making for a healthier Canada. Contact us to discuss how Maple can benefit your business.