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See a doctor online, and MSP will cover it.

Skip the waiting room! If you’re a British Columbia resident, you can connect with doctors online for medical care and treatment, and MSP will cover your video visits with Maple’s online GPs.

MSP-covered visits are available weekdays from 7am to 6pm PT.

Already have a Maple account? Add your MSP card now. 

Already have a Maple account?
Add your MSP card now. 

Start talking to a doctor in 2 minutes or less

Requesting an online visit is easy.

First, select MSP General Practitioner on the home screen

Log in to Maple, click “See doctor” and select the MSP General Practitioner button. Then simply enter your symptoms or a description of your medical request.

MSP-covered visits are available weekdays from 7am to 6pm PT.

The app will match you with a local physician and you'll hear from the doctor within an hour. Your consultation will occur over video chat.

Next, you’ll see the doctor

Once the doctor reviews your request, they’ll determine whether they can help you online. If so, you’ll be prompted to start a video visit within an hour.

If the doctor cannot help online, your visit will not start and the doctor will advise if you need to visit a family practice or walk-in clinic instead.

Get advice, diagnosis, and treatment right on Maple

You'll receive any prescriptions digitally in the Maple app. Prescriptions are automatically faxed to your pharmacy, or you can choose free delivery to your address.

Note: Maple is not a pharmaceutical manufacturer, nor are we an online pharmacy.

Get started with MSP online visits today

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Get started with Maple and add your BC health care card number to your account.

Add to an existing account

If you already use Maple, you can easily add your MSP card number to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to wait to see an MSP-covered doctor?

MSP visits are all on-demand. Once you use your MSP login on Maple, you can choose to see a doctor online at no cost to you. You may have to wait up to an hour for your visit, which is slightly longer than Maple’s other visits. This is because all visits covered by BC health insurance must be over video, and this gives the doctors time to set themselves up in a quiet location for your consultation.

Do I have to see the doctor over video?

Yes. BC’s MSP only covers online doctor visits if video is used for the consultation. If you’d prefer to speak to the doctor over text or audio, you can use the regular Maple services 24/7 by selecting “General Practitioner” instead of “MSP General Practitioner” in the app.

Will I have to pay anything out of pocket to see a regular GP on Maple?

No. Our MSP video visits are covered by BC health insurance and billed directly to British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan. As long as you have coverage through MSP in BC, no payment is required!

What time are these visits available?

MSP-covered visits are available weekdays from 7am to 6pm PT.

What if I want to see a Maple doctor outside of these hours?

You still have access to Maple’s national network of general practitioners and specialists any time, day or night, at regular Maple pricing.

Does MSP healthcare cover other Maple specialists?

At this time, MSP only covers video visits with our general practitioners, not Maple’s other specialists.

Does BC recognize online healthcare as a safe and reliable practice?

Yes. Telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare and other health-related services using interactive text, audio, and video technology. This means doctors can treat patients without being in the same place as them.

Every province supports telemedicine as a practice, but currently only BC covers telehealth under its medical services plan coverage.


Get started today.

Maple revolves around your needs and schedule. Start enjoying on demand healthcare that fits your life.

Already have a Maple account? Add your MSP card now. 

Already have a Maple account?
Add your MSP card now.