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Skip the walk in clinic in Nova Scotia. See the doctor online.

Instantly connect with Canadian doctors for medical care from your phone, tablet, or computer - any time, 24/7.

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“Virtual medicine isn't new, but the Maple app takes things to a new level!” - CTV News

Online doctors in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is the largest province in Atlantic Canada. In fact, Nova Scotia is almost completely surrounded by the ocean. The capital city, Halifax, is home to 45% of Nova Scotia’s population.

Unfortunately, Nova Scotia faces a shortage of healthcare workers. As a result many people wait too long to see a doctor, or never get the help they need. That’s why we created Maple. With Maple, you can see a doctor online in Nova Scotia to resolve many common health concerns.

Whether you need a diagnosis, prescription, or simply medical advice online in Nova Scotia, our doctors can assist you. Now you can stay in the comfort of your home and get the help you need.


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How it works.

1. Describe your symptoms through our app

Open the app and click the "Get care" button. One of our healthcare providers will review your request and respond in minutes.

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2. Chat with a doctor

Next, you'll be connected to a doctor or nurse practitioner. You can have your consultation by text, video or audio chat in the Maple app.

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3. Get a diagnosis or prescription

Doctors and nurse practitioners can diagnose and provide prescriptions as necessary during your consultation.

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A hand picked network of doctors ready to help you.

We have a national network of Canadian doctors who are licensed to treat you in Nova Scotia. All of our doctors practice family or emergency medicine right here in Canada.

Conditions Maple doctors can treat

Mental health

Our doctors are available to provide advice and treatment for common mental health conditions.

Some examples include:

Women's/men's health

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are wait times to see a doctor on Maple?

Wait times for an on demand doctor’s visits are around two minutes. Compare that to Nova Scotia walk in clinics, which are known to have the longest wait times in all of Canada. If you’re looking for an online pharmacy in Nova Scotia, our doctors can help with that too. They can fill your prescription over Maple and have it delivered to your local pharmacy, or right to your door.

Why is virtual health care important in Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia faces a difficult problem: there is a shortage of doctors, and very long wait times for family doctors. Virtual health care in Nova Scotia can help bridge that gap. Now, patients don’t have to travel to a hospital or clinic to receive high quality healthcare.

What health plans are available in Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia residents receive covered healthcare under the Medical Insurances Program, more commonly known as MSI. This program is administered by the Medavie Blue Cross. While Maple is not covered by MSI, it is included in many private insurance plans.

What specialists can I see in Nova Scotia with Maple?

Wait times to see a specialist in Nova Scotia are 33 weeks on average. That’s over eight months. With Maple, you can see a specialist in under 72 hours. You don’t need a referral to book an appointment. Our Nova Scotia doctors are always accepting new patients. It’s quick and easy to book a specialist, and you can securely store your health information within the Maple app.

Patients love using Maple

Read our social media reviews, or download the app

Saves a lot of time compared to sitting in a doctor's office!

— Play Store review

Legitimate and just as described, with fabulous doctors. Totally fills the late-night worry gap!

— App Store review

Not having to endure a long wait at a walk in clinic is fabulous. Especially since I have twin pre-schoolers to contend with.

— App Store review

The service is so quick and professional and saves hours spent in a walk-in-clinic. This is a game changer for busy moms and I recommend it to everyone!

— Facebook review

Instead of my husband having to drag both kids to the hospital or walk in alone he was able to see a doctor right away and get a prescription faxed to our local pharmacy.

— Facebook review

Our family has used this service twice so far and it has been amazing. Both doctors were friendly, compassionate and you never feel rushed.

— Facebook review

Was concerned I wouldn’t be able to see a doctor without an appointment. I installed the Maple app, spoke to a doctor and had my prescription in under 30 min.

— Facebook review

I used Maple for the first time today. It was quick and easy, took less than ten minutes including connecting time and the doctor was professional and friendly. 

— Facebook review

LOVE This service. Not only do you have a doctor within seconds but they are professional and knowledgable.

— Facebook review

Absolutely blown away. It was SO easy to use. No wait time getting connected with a doctor. Getting the prescription faxed to the pharmacy made it a seamless process.

— Facebook review

Simple pricing to fit your needs.


If you're in a rush, or your family doctor is not available, you can use Maple for a single visit. The fee varies depending on the time of day.

$49 /visit


7am - midnight ET
Monday - Friday

$79 /visit

Weekends & Holidays

7am - midnight ET

$99 /visit


Midnight - 6:59am

Year-round care

Enjoy the peace of mind of having a doctor on call 24/7. Memberships are paid annually.

Illustration of a woman talking on the phone
$30 /month

Personal membership

Up to 30 visits per year

Illustration of a woman talking on the phone
$50 /month

Family membership

Up to 50 visits per year

Credit packages

You can apply credits directly to a visit or membership. Get a discount by buying in advance.


$100 in credits

5% savings
Pay only $95


$200 in credits

10% savings
Pay only $180


$500 in credits

15% savings
Pay only $425

Why do I have to pay if I'm Canadian?

Telemedicine visits are not widely covered by provincial health plans in Canada.

Maple is safe and effective for common non-emergency issues. If you believe you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room.

Get started today.

Maple revolves around your needs and schedule. Start enjoying on demand healthcare that fits your life.