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Dr. Islam Elawadly

Family Physician in Alberta

Dr. Elawadly currently practices as a family physician in rural Alberta focusing on emergency and hospital medicine. He holds a certification in family medicine from the College of Family Physicians Canada. Dr. Elawadly also sees patients on Maple.

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We asked Dr. Elawadly some questions

Can you tell us more about your medical background and education?

I obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree from Zagazig University in Egypt. I then completed three years of family medicine postgraduate training. During that time I rotated through all subspecialties during my internship and through primary health clinics, and emergency and ICU departments. I also became a member of the Royal College of Physicians in October 2012.

In Canada, I’m certified in family medicine by the College of Family Physicians. My current work experience focuses on rural, emergency and internal medicine with Alberta Health Services. I’m also a Clinical Faculty member of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) at the University of Alberta.

What inspired you to become a doctor?

Caring for my patients and advocating for vulnerable groups is my main passion. I also enjoy teaching a lot because when I teach, I keep on learning. Being a doctor is a job that needs your full attention and your heart as well. With family medicine, you develop mutual and respectful relations with your patients and their families, and everyone becomes like family for you.

What do you love the most about practising medicine?

Practicing medicine is a satisfying job because you get to see the results of helping others right away — so long as you maintain a good patient-doctor relationship and work-life balance. In rural medicine particularly, there’s a large variety of disciplines with many learning and teaching opportunities.

What’s your favourite part about practising on Maple?

Maple lets me help patients quickly and easily. People in remote areas now have access to high-quality care, right when they need it. By virtue of working remotely, I save the time and stress of commuting to a workplace. There’s also a great network of healthcare providers on Maple who I strive to learn from.

What’s the most challenging aspect of working in the medical field?

It’s hard to not “bring your work home with you.” My patients are like family to me, so it’s a challenge for me to not worry about them after I’m technically done work for the day.

If you could choose any other career, what would it be?

I’d still choose to work in healthcare. The team dynamics are fantastic, especially working in a hospital.

Is there an individual in the medical community that you find most inspiring?

Yes. She’s a family member who practices medicine with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. She’s always looking to expand her knowledge, and finds the time to attend scientific meetings and workshops to improve her skills. She is my mom.

Can you share a health-hack that has made your life better?

Make sure you communicate with family members and limit the use of social media as much as you can. Try to use it for the purpose of improving your life, and nothing else.

What do you do in your spare time?

Ice skating, watching my kids play hockey, reading, going to the gym, and swimming. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends.

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