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Need a walk-in clinic in Waterloo. Book an appointment with a doctor online.

Can’t find a family doctor in Waterloo?

Connect with Canadian-licensed doctors online accepting consultations for new patients in Waterloo from your phone, tablet, or computer, 24/7.

Treatable conditions

Mental health

Our doctors are available to provide advice and treatment for common mental health conditions.

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Women’s/men’s health

Doctors can advise on family planning and treat conditions, including urinary tract infections and erectile dysfunction.

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Seeing a doctor in Waterloo

Because Waterloo shares several major health facilities with other cities in the region, you may experience overcrowding at walk-in clinics in Waterloo, like Waterloo Walk-in Clinic and in hospital emergency rooms. If you’re at Grand River Hospital, there are often long ER wait times just to speak to a doctor.

Can’t find a family doctor who’s accepting new patients in Waterloo? Maple connects you with Canadian-licensed doctors online who are accepting consultations for new patients in Waterloo in minutes, 24/7.

Or, you can book appointments with specialists like dermatologists, mental health therapists, mental health physicians, endocrinologists, functional medicine practitioners, and naturopathic doctors, no referral needed. We also offer OHIP-covered appointments with allergists


A hand-picked network of doctors and specialists ready to help you.

Our physicians, nurse practitioners, and allied healthcare professionals are Canadian licensed and practice in their respective fields right here in Canada.

How it works


Describe your symptoms

Open the app and click the “Get care” button. One of our healthcare providers will review your request and respond in minutes.


Chat with a doctor or nurse practitioner

Next, you'll be connected to the healthcare provider. Consultations usually take place over secure text message, but the doctor may request video, or audio chat if needed.


Get a diagnosis or prescription

Doctors and nurse practitioners can diagnose and provide prescriptions as necessary during your consultation.

Easy pricing. Instant care.

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See a Canadian-licensed general practitioner in five minutes or less, any time 24/7.

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Get 30 visits per year with a GP for you and your family.



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Get virtual care anytime, anywhere

As a Maple member, enjoy on-demand 24/7 virtual care

  • Get an $80 credit toward a specialty visit of your choice. As a Maple member, you get exclusive access to specialty care, including mental health, dermatology and paediatric primary care.
  • Receive prescriptions, sick notes, lab work and specialist referrals.
  • Personalize your healthcare experience and own your medical records and test results.

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Skip the walk in clinics in Waterloo. See the doctor online.

Connect with a doctor accepting online consultations for new patients in minutes or book an appointment with a specialist in Waterloo today. 

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