Privacy Policy

The Maple Privacy Policy was updated on October 11, 2016.

Maple Corporation (“Maple”, “we”, “us”) protects privacy and the confidentiality and security of Personal Information (“PI”) and Personal Health Information (“PHI”). The Maple Physician Services Agreement and the Terms of Use explain the services that Maple provides to Authorized Physicians and to Authorized Users respectively. Our Privacy Policy (“Policy”) summarizes how Maple collects, uses, discloses, retains, disposes of, destroys and protects information, including PI, PHI and Data when we provide our services.

We are committed to complying with our Policy and with applicable privacy legislation which includes PHIPA and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, 2000, and its regulations, as may be amended or replaced from time to time (“PIPEDA”).

Please be aware that our Policy does not describe Authorized Physicians’ practices for collecting, using, disclosing, retaining, disposing of, destroying and protecting PHI. PHIPA requires Health Information Custodians (“HICs”) to have in place policies about these and other matters relating to PHI and to comply with their policies and PHIPA. Authorized Physicians providing you with Healthcare Services will be able to inform you about their policies relating to protecting privacy, security and confidentiality of PHI.

The words and phrases used in this Policy have the same meaning as in Maple’s Terms of Use. You can also find a list of definitions at the bottom of this Policy.

Collecting and using PI/PHI

Maple collects or uses PI/PHI only if necessary for achieving our purpose and if non-personally identifiable information will not suffice. We minimize the collection and use of PI/PHI to what is needed for the purpose. For example, we do not record audio or video data from consultations.

Healthcare Services

Authorized Physicians collect PHI about you (or any individual for whom you create a profile in your User Account) when you provide it during consultations (e.g., verbally or in texts), by viewing the PHI that you have entered or uploaded to the Maple Platform and by creating or compiling PHI in the Maple Platform. Examples of the PHI that they collect include: the details that you provide in your consultation request; information you’ve entered or uploaded to profiles and medical records; information created during earlier consultations with other Authorized Physicians; the name, email address, phone number, gender and date of birth and province/territory that you provided when you registered; and your emergency contact’s name and contact information. Authorized Physicians use PHI to provide you with Healthcare Services and, as with any physician, must comply with any PHIPA and other applicable laws and with medical record-keeping obligations when they do so. Authorized Physicians may create PHI such as prescriptions, sick notes and other notes about your consultations in the Maple Platform. They may export or print copies of your PHI that they collect. Authorized Physicians, may, but are not required to, email or text your emergency contact if they believe that you are dealing with a medical emergency during a consultation. You are responsible for advising your emergency contact that you are providing their name and contact information, and for obtaining any necessary consents from them for the provision and use of their information.

Provision of the Maple Platform

  • We collect and use your PI to register you, create your User Account, authenticate you when you log-in and personalize your experience of the Maple Platform. We confirm your eligibility to use the Maple Platform by asking you to provide your province/territory and date of birth when registering.
  • You may choose to enter or upload and store your PHI in the Maple Platform such as your medical records, and the name and contact information for your emergency contact.
  • You may also choose to enter or upload and store PHI about individuals for whom you have the legal authority to make decisions regarding their healthcare and PHI. You must create a profile for any such individual by providing their first and last name, gender and date of birth. We use their date of birth and your assertion of their relationship with you to confirm your eligibility to obtain Healthcare Services for them, and their eligibility to receive Healthcare Services.
  • When you request a consultation, you select any applicable symptoms relevant to the individual for whom you’re seeking the consultation. You may also specify whether you’re seeking to renew a prescription or obtain a sick note. On your behalf, we present the information that you provide, along with the individual’s age and gender to an Authorized Physician to determine whether your consultation request is eligible. We do not identify you, or, if applicable, the individual for whom you’re seeking the consultation. Once the Authorized Physician confirms that your consultation request is eligible, we identify the Authorized Physician to you. The Maple Platform presents to the Authorized Physician the information you provided in your consultation request, your name and, if applicable, the name of the individual for whom you’re seeking the consultation. Unless you have elected to withhold access to information held in the Maple Platform about you or the individual for whom you are seeking Healthcare Services, the Authorized Physician will be able to view it, too.
  • We use PI/PHI that you enter, or upload, or which is created as part of a consultation, to present it to you when you access your User Account. We also use it to provide you with services that you request us to perform on your behalf, e.g., securely faxing your prescription to your chosen pharmacy.
  • We text or email you to notify you about services that you request. For example, we notify you about the status of your consultations and requests, such as prescription orders.
  • We may use PI to help us create, develop, operate, deliver, support and improve the Maple Platform, its content and advertising  provided to you through it (Maple’s and third parties’) , for loss prevention and anti-fraud purposes, and to comply with regulatory and legal requirements.
  • We may collect location data through the use of GPS technology and your IP address to support you in receiving services, e.g., ensuring you are connected to an Authorized Physician or pharmacy that is licensed or authorized to provide such services in the jurisdiction where you are located. We also use your IP address for security purposes, e.g., presenting you with information about your account activity in your account settings.

Communicating with you

  • Medical emergencies. Should you submit a medical issue through the Maple Platform which is deemed an emergency by an Authorized Physician, Maple reserves the right to contact you at any time using any of the contact information you have provided. This contact is strictly for the purpose of informing you of the emergent nature of your submission and to advise you to seek immediate medical care.
  • Updates and marketing. From time to time, we may keep you posted on our latest products and service announcements, including policy updates and updates to our Terms of Use, software updates and upcoming events that may be of interest to you or apply to you. You may opt-out from receiving non-essential communications by logging in to your User Account and updating your preferences.
  • Customer support. If you email, fax, write to us or complete a ‘contact us’ form on the Maple Platform, we will collect the name and contact information that you provide to us and will use it to respond to you.

We may provide some of our Personnel with access to PI/PHI. They may only access the PI/PHI necessary to perform their designated functions and they may only access it to perform those functions. We require them to protect the PI/PHI and they must maintain its confidentiality.

Disclosing PI/PHI

We will not disclose, share, sell or rent your PI with or to any third party, except if, you expressly consent, or, to the extent necessary, in our good faith judgment, doing so is required to: comply with applicable laws or regulations, respond to a valid subpoena, order, or government request; establish or exercise Maple’s legal rights or defend against legal claims; investigate, detect, suppress, prevent or take action regarding illegal or prohibited activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the reputation or physical safety of any person; or as otherwise required by law.

If Maple is involved in a merger, acquisition or asset sale, we will provide you with reasonable notice before any PI is transferred or becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

Maple’s ability to disclose PI and PHI is governed by PHIPA and PIPEDA, where applicable, and by our Maple Physician Services Agreement and Terms of Use. Maple does not disclose PHI.

Retaining and disposing of PI/PHI

You may retain PI/PHI on the Maple Platform until such times as you or we terminate your User Account. On termination, you will have an opportunity to print or make copies of the PI/PHI or we will provide copies of it to you. For the purposes of clarity, Maple will not provide you with access to notes made by Authorized Physicians about your consultations. You may instead request access to such PHI from the applicable Authorized Physician. On termination, we will promptly delete the PI/PHI associated with your User Account, except where an Authorized Physician who provided a consultation in connection with the PHI is continuing to access it on the Maple Platform. Maple will instead destroy the PHI when the Authorized Physician terminates his/her account with Maple.

Accessing and correcting PI/PHI

You can access your PI and PHI (or that of individuals for whom you have created profiles) to check that it is accurate, complete, and up to date by logging in to your User Account at

Unless an Authorized Physician has viewed your PHI during a consultation, or the PHI has been created during a consultation, you will be able to update and edit PHI when you log in to your User Account. Contact the Authorized Physician who provided you (or individuals for whom you have created profiles) with Healthcare Services to access PHI held in their notes on the Maple Platform or that they hold in their medical records, or to request corrections to PHI.

Maple will assist you with accessing and correcting PI within a reasonable time and at no cost to you.

Your choices

The Maple Platform offers you functionality and choices for protecting your privacy which include:

  • You may enable two-factor authentication on your account. If you do, we will send a code to your mobile number which you need to enter when you log-in to access the Maple Platform.
  • You may choose whether to use audio, chat, or video for consultations.
  • You may withhold PHI, e.g., consultation information and medical records, from Authorized Physicians. Please be aware that Authorized Physicians may be unable to provide you with Healthcare Services as a result. They will advise you of the implications of your choice.
  • You may choose whether to receive communications by email or SMS.
  • You can check your log-in history when you access the Maple Platform.

Please contact us directly at for any assistance with using the privacy functionality. Additionally, you may contact us at any time to: stop receiving e-mails or other correspondence from us, seek assistance with viewing and correcting PI, and close your User Account. To protect privacy, we may request information to verify your identity when you contact us.

Safeguarding PI/PHI

Maple takes the security of your information seriously. We store your information in electronic format within Canada, using computer systems with limited access and housed in facilities using physical security measures. We have in place physical, electronic, technological, and organizational safeguards to appropriately protect PI and PHI against loss, theft, and unauthorized access, disclosure, copying use or modification. Maple Personnel are obligated to protect PI and PHI by adhering to our policies, practices and applicable laws.

You also play an important role in protecting privacy and the confidentiality and security of PI and PHI. For example:

  • Create a strong and unique password for your User Account, using Maple’s password strength estimator. Update it periodically.
  • Do not share your User Account or password that you use to access the Maple Platform with anyone. We will never ask you for your password, including in any unsolicited communication from us such as letters, phone calls or email messages.
  • Log out of your User Account once you are finished using it, especially if you share your Device with anyone else.
  • Have a strong and unique password on your Device, too.
  • Choose a quiet, private location from which to have consultations with Authorized Physicians.

Collecting, using and sharing data

Authorized Physicians direct Maple to de-identify PHI on their behalf and permit Maple to collect and use the resulting de-identified data for the following purposes or other purposes to which they consent from time to time: quality control activities designed to ensure use of the Maple Platform in compliance with the Maple Physician Services Agreement and the Terms of Use; improving the Maple Platform and more generally, the use of patient-initiated telemedicine services (through an understanding of usage and utilization patterns by Users and Authorized Physicians); conducting academic research and designing surveys (to be posted and completed at the discretion of Authorized Users). We will not use Data to re-identify individuals.

Cookies and similar technologies

The Maple Platform, email messages, and advertisements may use “cookies” and other technologies such as pixel tags and web beacons. We use these technologies to better understand user behaviour, analyze trends, to administer the Maple Platform and to personalize and improve the experience of it. Such information collected by cookies and other technologies is treated as non-personal information. You have the ability to accept or decline our use of cookies. You can refuse cookies by turning them off or blocking them in your internet browser. If you decide to turn off or block cookies, the Maple Platform might not function correctly. At times, we may use third parties such as ad exchanges and data companies to serve our advertisements on the Maple Platform. These companies may also use cookies and other technologies to report certain information about your visits to the Maple Platform and other websites (such as web pages you visit and your response to ads) in order to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns and to deliver ads that are more relevant and tailored to you, both on and off our Maple Platform. To learn more about this behavioural advertising practice or to opt-out of this type of advertising, you can visit the Digital Advertising Alliance website at or the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada website at

Links and third party websites and applications

The Maple Platform may contain links to other websites that we do not own or operate. These links are not intended as an endorsement of or referral to the linked websites.  We strongly encourage you to review the privacy policies at any site you visit. This Policy does not apply to such linked pages or other sites, and we are not responsible for the content or practices of any linked websites which are provided solely for your convenience. Except as outlined in this Privacy Policy, we will not provide any of PI or PHI to these third party websites without your consent.

Policy changes

We publish the current version of our Policy at We reserve the right to amend our Policy at any time. Check back often to find out about our practices for protecting privacy and PI/PHI.

We last updated our Policy on October 11, 2016.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about privacy for Maple, please contact our Chief Compliance Officer. Please include your name and contact information if you’d like us to respond to you.

Maple Corporation
ATTN: Chief Compliance Officer
57 Spadina Avenue, Suite 206
Toronto, ON M5V 2J2


  • “Authorized Physician” means an independent, regulated health professional registered to practice medicine in the Province of Ontario, Canada.
  • “Authorized User” or “User” means an individual who has registered and created a Maple User Account in accordance with our Terms of Use, and/or a person for whom a User is legally authorized to make healthcare decisions and has created a profile.
  • “Data” means information collected or compiled through the Maple Platform which has been de-identified.
  • “De-identify” has the same meaning as in PHIPA.
  • “Device” means a mobile or desktop device owned or controlled by you that you use to access and use Maple Physician Services.
  • “Health Care” has the meaning given to it in PHIPA.
  • “Healthcare Services” means the provision of Health Care by an Authorized Physician through the Maple Platform.
  • “Maple Platform” means the hardware, software, applications, websites, content, products and services owned and/or operated by us, which include the software that enables Authorized Physicians to provide Healthcare Services to Authorized Users.
  • “Personal Information” or “PI” means information about an identifiable individual which is not PHI and which is collected, created, compiled, used, disclosed or otherwise transmitted and/or stored on or by means of the Maple Platform.
  • “Personnel” in relation to a Party, means employees, agents, officers, directors, independent contractors, sub-contractors and others for whom the Party is responsible at law.
  • “PHIPA” means the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 and its regulations, as may be amended or replaced from time to time.
  • “PHI” means information that is “personal health information” as defined in PHIPA, that is collected, created, compiled, used, disclosed or otherwise transmitted and/or stored on or by means of the Maple Platform.