We have a vision for sustainable healthcare.

We started Maple because we believe you should have access to quality medical care when and where you need it. No more waiting rooms and no more scheduling an appointment later in the week when you really need one right now. We give you access to highly regarded Canadian licensed physicians who are available to see you at any time, 24/7.

By providing this service, we’re giving choice and control to the patient and helping you decide how and when healthcare fits into your lifestyle.

We believe this new model of healthcare will accelerate the world’s journey to a sustainable health system as primary care becomes more flexible and accessible to more people.

Peace of mind when you need it

Feel better faster - so you can do more of the things you love.

Results that matter

We’re making a measurable impact on health outcomes and access to care.

A de-stressed system

Imagine clinics and emergency rooms with more time for patients needing specialized care. Every Maple consultation saves a space for the most ill among us.

We believe in empowering people.

Our approach:
Online consultations providing you with more healthcare choice and control.

We believe in quality of life.

Our approach:
Healthcare available 24/7 so your life and schedule are never interrupted.

We believe in great experiences.

Our approach:
A calm space for focused treatment, putting patient feedback first. Rate each consultation, and hold us to your standards.

Meet the team

Dr. Brett Belchetz

Dr. Brett Belchetz
Co-founder & CEO

Brett’s dedication to medicine and helping others fueled the vision for Maple. He is a practicing emergency room physician in Toronto, and a former management consultant with McKinsey and Company.

Roxana Zaman

Roxana Zaman
Co-founder & COO

Roxana’s passion for creating unique and outstanding experiences keeps Maple true to its vision and commitments to our customers. Roxana is a well-versed product manager, with broad-based experience in Canadian banking.

Stuart Starr

Stuart Starr
Co-founder & CTO

Stuart’s technical and design experience brought Maple to life. Under his leadership, Maple's technology has evolved into a comprehensive healthcare delivery platform, while maintaining simplicity and dependability.

Imagine a network of experts and specialists.

We envision a world-class network of healthcare professionals collaborating and sharing knowledge to give patients the best diagnoses, and to improve health outcomes and access globally. We’re a tightly-knit team, passionate and committed to improving the lives of others. We have an ambitious vision, and the best is still to come.