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See a doctor in minutes, 24/7

This cold and flu season, get Maple and get virtual care anytime, anywhere.


Canada’s #1 virtual care platform 


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Cold and flu season is here. Connect with a Canadian-licensed doctor in minutes.

Get Care Anytime, Anywhere

See a general practitioner from the comfort of your home, 24/7.

Providers on Maple can diagnose many common medical conditions and provide treatment. Maple’s Canadian-licensed general practitioners and providers can prescribe medication, provide medical advice and write valid doctor’s notes.

Prescriptions Delivered to Your Door

Connect with a Doctor in minutes for prescriptions and prescription refills.


Fill out a short form online with your symptoms or refill details for the online doctor’s prescription you need — you can then either see a doctor in minutes or schedule an appointment with a specialist. You’ll then hear from a Doctor depending on your diagnosis. Once the consultation is complete, prescriptions are sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice or you can choose free delivery to your home. Please note our doctors can prescribe many common medications, with the exception of controlled medications like narcotics and stimulants.

Doctor’s notes

Get a doctor’s note for work, school or therapist treatments online today.

Request a doctor’s note before your consultation begins. You’ll Request a doctor’s note before your consultation begins. You’ll receive a digital copy in the app with the doctor’s signature and contact information.


*Please note: all doctor’s notes are given at the provider’s discretion. Additionally, doctors cannot provide notes for an illness that occurred more than one week prior, or for extended absences.

Lab Requisitions

Connect with Canadian-licensed doctors and nurse practitioners 24/7. They can order lab work online.

Just fill out a short form with your concerns and the lab test you're looking to get. You can then either see a doctor in minutes or schedule an appointment with a specialist. Please note that lab tests ordered online will be at the doctor’s discretion based on your specific symptoms and case.

If you don’t have employer or insurer coverage, fees may apply since many virtual services aren’t covered by provincial health plans.

Please note: Maple is not intended for emergency lab testing or diagnostic imaging. If you require immediate results, please seek in-person care.

How it works


Describe your symptoms through our app

Open the app and click the “Get care” button. One of our healthcare providers will review your request and respond in minutes.


Chat with a doctor or nurse practitioner

Next, you'll be connected to the healthcare provider. Online doctor consultations usually take place over text, but the doctor may request video, or audio chat if needed.


Get a diagnosis or prescription

Our online doctors in Canada can diagnose and provide medical prescriptions as necessary — and, free prescription delivery is available.

Canada’s #1 virtual care platform

We’re proud to have over 800,000 five-star reviews.

A fantastic way to get medical advice when you are unable to see someone in person. The app is so simple to use. Highly recommend. I am not a tech savvy person but the doctor was kind enough to patiently walk me through every step of the process. Thank you.

— Google Play Store

This app is amazing! The doctor was so professional. I just waited 1-2 mins to get served! I highly recommend this app.

— Google Play Store

The service has been amazing for our family. The doctors are kind, thorough, and ask all the right questions. As a busy family of five, this app has been a life saver

— App store review

Super impressed with this service. Without a family doctor, it’s easy to feel alone with no care. Very thankful to have options.

— Google Play Store User

So fast and efficient. A process that would have ordinarily involved a referral and a six months wait was completed in less than 72 hours. Wholeheartedly recommend Maple.

— Google Review

At 1:30 am, I realized I had a UTI and was desperate for help. I went online and within ten minutes, I had my prescription faxed to my pharmacy. This service gave me peace of mind.

— Trustpilot Review

Maple was there for me when other doctors couldn't be. So convenient. Any time, any day. I am grateful for this service.

— Trustpilot Review

We needed to see a doctor over the weekend as our pediatrician was not available. Logging into Maple and choosing from a selection of specialties was quick and easy. Excellent service!

— Trustpilot Review

Very easy to navigate Maple. It’s secure and trusted. Maple has truly gone above and beyond with their app. Highly recommended.

— Trustpilot Review

Amazing service! It was great being able to connect with a doctor from the comfort of home late at night.

— Trustpilot Review

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