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Start talking to an eVisitNB General Practitioner online

With eVisitNB, you can connect with a New Brunswick-licensed nurse practitioner or doctor for online medical care from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Start talking to a doctor in 2 minutes or less

Requesting a consultation is easy

EN – select specialty

First, select “get care” to access on-demand options

Log into the Maple app and click “get care”. From here, select the on-demand option to get care in minutes with Virtual Care On-Demand.

Then, describe your symptoms

Simply enter your symptoms, a description of your medical request, and any other relevant documentation.

EN – symptoms
EN – provider pairing

Next, you'll hear from the General Practitioner

Once the doctor or nurse practitioner reviews your request, they will determine whether they can help you on Maple. If they're able to help, your visit will be answered by the next available provider.

If the doctor or nurse practitioner cannot help, you will be advised to visit your family doctor in-person or a walk-in clinic.

Get advice, diagnosis, and treatment right on Maple

You'll receive any prescriptions, treatment plans, or sick notes digitally in the Maple app. Prescriptions are automatically faxed to your preferred pharmacy.

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Public funded visits

Based on temporary funding from the NB government, we are able to offer on-demand visits with a doctor or nurse practitioner, free of charge



8am-8pm AST
Monday - Sunday

Get started today

Our eVisitNB doctors and nurse practitioners are ready to help. Get care that revolves around your needs and schedule. Start enjoying on demand healthcare that fits your lifestyle.