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Wello has been acquired by Maple

On January 12, 2022, Maple, one of North America's fastest-growing companies and Canada's leading virtual care platform, announced the acquisition of Wello Virtual Healthcare.

Our organizations and teams have a shared purpose to empower individuals with their health and well-being, and strengthen the healthcare system.

Are you a former Wello client?

If you’re a former Wello client and you’d like to access your medical records from your healthcare encounters, you can do so until May 31, 2022 by contacting [email protected].

Beyond this date, the healthcare providers will safely store your records with DOCUdavit Solutions as required by applicable provincial regulations. You can access your medical records directly by contacting DOCUdavit Solutions by phone at 888-781-9083, fax at 866-297-9338, or email at [email protected].


Interested in virtual care benefits for your organization?

Discover our best-in-class virtual care experience or connect with us directly for any questions you might have about Maple or the Wello acquisition.

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