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See a Certified Diabetes Nurse Educator online.

Living with diabetes? Our diabetes educators can provide you with counselling and meal planning advice.

Chat online via text, audio or video — right from your phone, tablet or computer.

Available in Ontario only. Coming soon to other provinces.


Seeing a diabetes nurse educator online on Maple is easy.

First, book an appointment

Our Diabetes Educators can help with many things during your appointment, including:

  • diabetes education type I, type II, or pre-diabetes
  • preventing/treating/managing low/high blood sugars
  • carbohydrate counting
  • diet/weight loss counselling
  • pre-pregnancy or pregnancy with type I, type II
  • gestational diabetes
  • injection teaching and support
  • and more.

Personalized, in-home diabetes education is not covered by provincial health plans. Initial visits start at $79. If you have insurance, the cost may be covered by your health benefit plan.

This service is available to you from our web app only, from your computer or laptop. Coming soon to our mobile app!

Next, prepare for your online consultation

You can book a visit at a time that's most convenient for you. We'll ask you to update your medical history in advance of your appointment.

If the diabetes nurse isn’t able to help based on the details of your request, they’ll let you know in advance, and you won't be charged.


Start your online consultation

You can speak with the diabetes nurse educator through live chat or video — it's all up to you based on what feels most comfortable.

Will you see the same consultant every time? Yes, if that's your preference.

Many benefit programs cover fees for diabetes counselling — check with your benefits provider to see if this is available to you. The nurse's license number will be on your Maple receipt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a diabetes nurse educator?

A diabetes nurse educator is a nurse with extensive background in the care and management of patients with diabetes. Nurse educators can provide diabetes education programs, which include information regarding diabetes symptoms, causes of type 1 diabetes or causes of type 2 diabetes, and diabetes management, such as recommended nutrition.

What do online diabetes nurse educators do?

Our online diabetes nurse educators specialize in the care and management of both pre-diabetic patients and those living with diabetes. They can help educate you on the causes of diabetes, early signs and symptoms of type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and provide advice for weight-loss or exercise, and diabetes nutrition, like carbohydrate counting.

What should I expect during my consultation with a diabetes nurse educator?

The nurse will start by reviewing your medical history. From there, you can expect to obtain support and education regarding diabetes management and control based on your health needs.

When should I see an endocrinologist?

You should seek help from an endocrinologist when your diabetes condition is hard to manage, or if your prescribed treatment isn’t working. Endocrinologists are licensed doctors who specialize in the hormonal causes of diabetes and can prescribe medications or help with insulin adjustments.

Can I see the same diabetes nurse educator every time?

Yes, if you’d like to see the same diabetes nurse educator, simply book an appointment and select the same provider.


Living with diabetes can be hard. Getting support doesn't have to be.

Maple revolves around your needs and schedule. Chat with a Certified Diabetes Educator online at any time.