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Resources for safely re-opening the office

July 30, 2020 • read

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Resources for safely re-opening the office

As Canadian offices start to re-open, the health and safety of your employees are top of mind. We’ve put together guidelines for office safety, communication strategy, and supporting your staff through this period. Included in this package are a back-to-office handbook, a poster, and a checklist. 

The Canadian employer’s handbook for safely re-opening the office

Whether you have questions about your provincial regulations, office safety policies, or how to communicate with your employees, this guide has your answers. 

Download the e-guide.

Office item checklist

Wondering what supplies to have on hand to keep your office clean and sanitized? We’ve put together a useful checklist. 

Download the checklist.

How to wash your hands like a pro

Personal hygiene is important for slowing the spread of COVID-19, along with other illnesses. Here’s a helpful poster outlining the steps for proper handwashing. 

Download the poster.

Keeping your workplace healthy long term

If you have questions on how virtual healthcare can help your staff during the “new normal”, please get in touch.

Create a healthy workplace

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